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The Rock Orchestra

Welcome to the sonic rebellion of The Rock Orchestra by Candlelight, where I'm cranking up the double bass to bring you a fusion of classical precision and the unbridled chaos of rock and metal! Born and bred on the wild side of guitar-driven anthems as a teen, I've now landed the gig of a lifetime as the bassist and the contractor in the United States.


No more stiff suits and prim performances – it's time to throw on the black nail polish, toss up a mohawk, and unleash some serious head-banging madness!

I'm not your typical orchestral player; I'm here to break the mold and crank the volume to 11. From shredding in orchestral pits to now tearing up stages, I'm bridging the gap between the refined world of classical and the rebellious energy of rock. So, get ready to rock out with me as we dive into a symphonic journey that's loud, proud, and ready to kick some musical ass! Join me, and let's turn up the volume on this genre-defying experience with The Rock Orchestra by Candlelight.

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