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Semi Multicolored Caucasian

Embark on a cultural odyssey with the Semi Multicolored Caucasian Quintet – an immersive 1-hour performance that transcends the realms of background music. Led by creator and host Brent Edmondson, our unique string quintet explores the essence of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness through captivating melodies from around the world.

This is not just music; it's an experience enriched with insightful commentary from Brent Edmondson, sharing the inspirations and stories behind each composition. Discover the rhythmic prowess of the double bass, both in solo brilliance and as the heartbeat of our global soundscapes.

In venues where traditions meet innovation, the Semi Multicolored Caucasian Quintet invites you to a performance that defies expectations. Book us now for a musical journey that goes beyond notes – a celebration of diversity, a fusion of cultures, and an hour of enchantment that resonates long after the last chord.


Brent Edmondson


Chi Park Edmondson

Managing Director/Performer

Ajibola Rivers

Brendan McGeehan

Recording Engineer
John Lilley

Dan Gallery




Rachel Segal - Violin 1
Chi Park Edmondson - Violin 2
Shannon Merlino - Viola
Ajibola Rivers - Cello
Brent Edmondson - Bass


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