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Brent Edmondsn bassist

Brent  Edmondson


Double Bass  Composer



Listen now to Flamingos, a JBD MusicWorks production. Recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic at Smecky Studios.

2 pieces from the soundtrack of #1 Netflix series Night Stalker, composed by myself and featuring Chi Park Edmondson on viola and myself on bass.


February 13th, 2024

Happy snow day from Philadelphia! I write this as a few inches of dense snow blanket my car, which mercifully is sitting unused today.

The rest of February is a personal journey through all the different facets of my life as a bass player - masterclasses at Montclair State University and Cab Calloway, a gig with the up-and-coming No Name Pops, a family concert with the Bach Choir of Bethlehem...oh wait, that's just this week!

February 21, 2024, the SMC Quintet (this time joined by the fabulous Maria Im) will perform again at Rydal Waters, updating our setlist with newly arranged tunes by Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and Olivia Rodrigo. I really can't wait to get this stuff down on tape and share it with you all!

My last act of February is a dearly-bought concert with Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra. Running this ensemble is incredibly rewarding, and I love that part of its mission has developed into supporting rising stars of the classical community in Philadelphia and beyond.

And then, folks...Europe! With The Rock Orchestra, I'm playing two straight months of high-intensity rock and metal on amplified double bass. Getting to relive last November in a host of countries I've never been to before is one of the greater thrills I've looked forward to in many years. Once our shows in Europe finish, it's a quick turnaround to fly from Sweden to Miami to start rehearsals with a growing number of US musicians I've been contracting over the past few months.

You see, playing this music is incredible, but I've had the good fortune to become "fixer" for The Rock Orchestra, which means a big chunk of my time lately is seeking out other touring musicians and recruit them to the cause of metal music. All kidding aside, the colleagues I'll be sharing the stage with are the cream of the crop, having played behind huge artists of the last few decades, like John Legend, The Eagles, Sara Bareilles, and the list goes on! I could truly never have imagined my years of studying Mahler and Beethoven have led me to this!

Drawing on my experience playing with legendary erhu artist Qin Qian, I developed this arrangement of Erquan Yingyue (Moon Reflected on the Second Fountain) for string orchestra. Naturally, there is a bass solo or two as well as a lot of string specific techniques. Performed by the brilliant musicians of the Pennsylvania Philharmonic and featuring violin soloist Nina Vieru Zubaidi.

Check the Arrangements page for more info!

My entry into the Indie Film Music Competition 2020. The animation provided so much inspiration for orchestral colors. This is my first orchestral composition since college, and while it was neither perfect nor a competition winner, I'm very happy to share it with the world.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“A bassist of fine technical and musical abilities”

Edwin Barker, Principal Bass, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“His ability to communicate is really phenomenal.”

​Hal Robinson, Principal Bass, Philadelphia Orchestra

"One of the most interesting and finest hours of music that we have ever experienced."

Bonnie and Mike, SMC Quintet attendees

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