Brent Edmondsn bassist

Brent  Edmondson


Double Bass  Composer



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The trailer for Composed by John Beder features footage of Brent preparing for a recent audition. The film focuses on issues of performance anxiety and Brent is a cast member.



I couldn't have imagined when I last updated in February what plans the world had in store for me and indeed for all of us. With so many performances scuttled until further notice, I feel incredibly fortunate to have begun my exploration of the recording world when I did (and not a moment too soon!). Since my last rehearsal on March 13, 2020, I have been sequestered in Philadelphia honing the craft of audio and video recording to help advance the cause of myself and my fellow musicians.

During the month of June, I was cast deep into the world of online production as the Technical Director and Producer for Wabass Institute. Previously, I had spent 5 years as the administrator for Wabass, in addition to two years as a student. Though I didn't get to enjoy another June week in Wabash, IN, I was able to delve deep into Zoom, Logic Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and whatever else was needed to bring across the epic final recital premiere, a feat for all the students involved and for the bass community overall. I look forward to more endeavors capitalizing on the skills I gained here.

If you are a musician in need of video creation, audio recording advice or assistance, mixing or mastering, let's get in touch. You can find examples of my work on the Musician Services page.


Much has changed in the last two years since I wrote in this space. While dealing with minor overuse injuries related to a number of auditions I took in 2019, I decided to explore some other aspects of my musical personality. I discovered the wonderfully strange world of synthesizers and electronic music, and have been making forays into the world of composition. This has been a great way of finally uniting my love of all things Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Bon Iver together with my classical training and deep knowledge of orchestral repertoire.


I have also worked to deepen my relationship with several incredible composers, The Blair Brothers, John Lilley, and Daniel Gallery. Mainly concerned with film scoring, the work I am doing here has been one of the big creative leaps forward in my career. I look forward to sharing my music and collaborations soon.

Lastly, I have also renewed my interest in arranging for basses, and have created a number of challenging and fun duets and quartets which I will be self-publishing in short order. A number of performances of these works are scheduled, including at the Pittsburgh Bass Symposium, Bassitoba, and on the forthcoming Bocini Tour with Ottava Imports.

My entry into the Indie Film Music Competition 2020. The animation provided so much inspiration for orchestral colors. This is my first orchestral composition since college, and while it was neither perfect nor a competition winner, I'm very happy to share it with the world. You can bet I'll be back at it for the next competition. 

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“A bassist of fine technical and musical abilities”

Edwin Barker, Principal Bass, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“His ability to communicate is really phenomenal.”

​Hal Robinson, Principal Bass, Philadelphia Orchestra